Such situations happen. The last time the events that led the failure of Skype took place on 22 December 2010, around 19:00 Moscow time.

Millions of people around the world had to remember about ordinary phones

22 December super polular service IP-telephony, or, easier speaking, calls on the computer, has experienced one of the largest failures in its history. Because of the problems in the software platform service millions of users around the world could not go to Skype. The cause of the malfunction called improperly running "суперузлы", from the simple users not become easier.

In 2010, the popularity of Skype is growing at an unprecedented pace. Recently, the service reported that at the same time to network with each other talking 25 million people. And it's not about the total number of users, installed on their computers or smartphones Skype, but about those who have it really works.

Not a secret, that "Skype" is far not every computer user. Why it is so significant "noise"caused by the interruptions in the work of the service in the mass media and blogs, someone might seem inadequate. But here to compare the statistics of using Skype and the Internet-messenger ICQ. So, the "ICQ" (including third party clients like QIP), according to unofficial statistics, is used daily by about 33 million people.

Skype is open 25 million people at the same time - this means that the total number of users, авторизующихся on the service every day can be many times higher. For comparison, in June "Skype" enjoyed under 125 million people a day. So the fact of the "fall" of Skype and caused a great resonance.